Sunday, 17 July 2011


Yessss, I finally found Stendhal's quote that inaugurated the very famous syndrome. In a quite unexpected way I must say. Thank you vueling.

" I had reached that stage of excitement where one feels the heavenly sensations granted by the Arts and one's most passional feelings. As I emerged from the porch of Santa Croce, I was seized with a fierce palpitation of the heart; the well-spring of life was dried up within me, and I walked in constant fear of falling to the ground"

Naples and Florence. A Journey from Milan to Reggio

related article that goes more with the times: 
 this entry on Jonathan Jones' blog in The Guardian newspaper:  Does great art make you ill? : Scientists are to monitor the vital signs of tourists in Florence after they see works of art – to test if Stendhal syndrome exists


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