Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I think this is quite unorthodox blogger behaviour, but I'm going to duplicate a post.


December thoughts

While cooperation is the only sensible way of nations to comunicate, we still let politicians draw people apart. Happy religious celebrations, whether they take place this month, or next year or everyday in the quiet of your mind. If you haven't come up with any satisfying conclusion on the matter, I hope you will rejoice in other kind of celebrations.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

World Bodypainting Festival

What an exciting event: the World Bodypainting Festival. It takes place every year and there are contests in several categories. Artists from all over the world get together, next year it will take place in Austria. I realized that body painting is my true vocation at the age of 10, when I painted my body from head to toe with black gouasche. Maybe I should take part. These are amazing:

These ones got photo awards:

Smile today

"I want draw my husband's attention. Do you have any perfume that smells of computer?"