Sunday, 31 July 2011

Details + from the Accademia Galleries



from the miracle of the cross, Gentile Bellini

from the life of St. Ursula cycle, Carpaccio

from the presentation in the temple, Carpaccio

this is not a detail. This is a Bellini  [before Bellini was a cocktail]

view of the Giorgione's inside the museum

Here's some links to Carpaccio's, Gentile Bellini's, Giovanni Bellini's and Giorgione's images in case you want to know more.
Giorgione's Google, doesn't that sound good?

An exhibition

at the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of San Giorgio

Venice in peril website , if you want to know more about current problems in Venice, one of them being the massive affluence of tourists. Hmm..

Venice in peril on  facebook

I guess selected artists have not forgotten to depict the killer skills of these little fellows.


A painter I like to know


Mishek Masamvu, representing Zimbabwe at the 2011 biennale


Spontaneously generated installation in Venice II


Do you fancy some coffee?

Let's go to Giardini's coffe shop then
Designer: Tobias Rehberger, 2009



Saturday, 23 July 2011

this made me smile

Words in giant letters written by Rumanian artists Anetta Mona Chişa and Lucía Tkáčová on the facade of the Rumanian pavilion at Giardini:

20% REASONS NOT TO BE HERE (at the biennale)

- invisibility is resistance
- not to decorate the gardens of the white male
- because jan verwoert said "forget the national" and we like him
- venice biennale=showroom of western hegemony
- guilt
- not to jeopardize our place in the barricades
- art=revolution=spectacle=capital
- because we are 1 communist + 1 socialist feminist
- antinomadism
- venice biennale is a choking-on-money mercantilist fossil
- the zoo effect
- we have nothing to wear for the opening
- it's easier to criticize a show when you're not in it
- the curse of boosted expectations (2nd novel syndrome)
- to keep off who's hot & who's not
- tourist menu sucks
- to make art the way we feel without considering its potential to succeed


                      gsgdThe                           The Paretto principle:    the law of the vital
few:  for many events, roughly 80% of the
 effect comes from 20% of the causes

Summer quiz 2

Which of these items is part of a work of art?


hard task without accompanying texts

Snapshots from the Arsenale


I really liked this, canvas, ribbon, rubber, thread...

I was very impressed by the  the work of Fernando Prats showed at the  Chilean  pavilion. His project is called "Big South".  I watched a video showing his epic search for "marks" by rubbing large sheets of paper against  destroyed houses covered in ashes, streets and objects left behind after the eruption of the Chaitén vulcano and the 2009 earthquake in Chile. I've seen  later that this is called "frottage", and that he uses techniques such as "smoke on paper", "rubble on paper"...

Fernando at work while life goes on

Illustrated dictionary : sense of humour

the Greek pavilion at Giardini, 2011

The 2011 Italian pavilion at the Arsenale

If you find yourself in Venice while the art biennale going on, you'll soon become familiar with these two terms: Arsenale and Giardini, the two main venues for exhibitions. The national pavilions are at the Giardini (gardens). The Arsenale is made up of the  buildings that used to be the fortified shipyards at those times when Venice was a large commercial power in the Mediterranean sea back in the XV /XVI centuries. It's a huge, historical, quiet and amazing place right by the canals!
This year the Italian pavilion at the Arsenale had a section showing a large number of paintings in all the styles you can possibly imagine. I would like to show you some of these. This is the work of Michaelangelo's heirs and grand grand grand... children.