Saturday, 9 August 2014

This made me smile

This is was happens when you give an artist a simple task to do

flow magazine

I've discovered the lovely flow magazine.  It's so full of wonderful illustrations,  what a good not-online find.

Street art

A garden in Lüneburg

Friday, 8 August 2014

Good question to start off your day

Why isn't Laokoön shouting? Aesthetics or anaesthetics? Where's the pleasure in painful representations in art?


Art is beautiful, it gives a lot work, though
Karl Valentin

Nature going all expressionist

It didn't last long, but for a few seconds the sky caught fire. There's not a pixel of photoshop in this photo, but any painter who dared using this colour would be labeled as expressionist instead of realist.

The Palace of Darius, Susa

Reconstruction of the frieze of archers from the Palace of Darius in Susa (Ancient Persia) at the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin.

This will be inspiration for Chanel for sure

Bags, chapter II

Good old Ashurbanipal, king of the Assyrian empire
 from Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Note: If you liked "Bags, chapter II", you'll probably like "Bags, chapter I"

Berlin skyline

August quiz

In which painting do we find this lady, all set and ready to go?

Window display: books

Monday, 23 June 2014

7 July, Saint Fermín

Pedro Armestre got the prestigious Ortega y Gasset journalism prize for photography in 2014.
Pamplona during the "Sanfermines" festival

"I look so that others can see" Pedro Armestre


What a luxury, to enjoy nuances.

Alex Grijelmo

Mesopotamian goddesses

Juan Gelman

Eternity is a violent idea
accumulating future

Juan Gelman

about painting

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret: Young Watercolorist in the Louvre, 1891.

Michel Cheval

Sala dell'Albergo restoration in Venice, Accademia Galleries

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer quiz

What word in English and some other languages derives from an old Iranian word?



and the answer is....

(as is in French paradis, Spanish paraíso, German Paradies, Italian paradiso, Finish paratiisi, Dutch paradijs, Hungarian paradicsom, Greek παράδεισος...)

Monday, 9 June 2014

Remedios Varo

Today I love this painting by Remedios Varo: Papilla Estelar, 1958

As regards important exhibitions, it is all about El Greco in Spain this year. Last year it was all about Surrealism (according to some, in order to mirror "l'esprit du temps").

 If you'd like to check a list with all the works that were featured at the exhibition "Surrealism and the dream" at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, you can find them all on this microsite, just click here.

Love, life and laughter

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sorolla Museum, Madrid

A well-loved museum in Madrid, and according to some reports, the best loved one.

All you need are roses, I wish.
(Some of these photos are from last year's temporary exhibition "Gardens of light").