Saturday, 14 April 2012

Interesting lady: Madame de Staël

Mme de Staël as Corinne
painted by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun

Name: Anne Louise Germaine Necker
Username: Madame de Staël
Date of birth: 22 April 1766, in Paris

Occupation: writer, host of literary, political and philosophical salons , advicing politicians, travelling all over Europe
Main works: Delphine, Corinne, De l'Allemagne
Main challenge: enduring exile due to Napoleon's suspiciousness on her political views and surviving the Reign of Terror after the French Revolution
Quote from Corinne: To be totally understanding makes one very indulgent

Frederic Harrison on Madame de Staël

"In Delphine a woman, for the first time since the Revolution, reopened the romance of the heart which was in vogue in the century preceding¨"
Her works, "precede the works of Scott, Byron, Shelley, and partly of Chateaubriand, their historical importance is great in the development of modern romanticism, of the romance of the heart, the delight in nature, and in the art, antiquities, and history of Europe."

Katie Daffan on Madame de Staël

She was the first woman to make a place for herself in the literary world; she stood far ahead of any woman of her time. By her pen, which was always brilliant, though sometimes sarcastic, she pleaded for that which was true and permanent, and condemned the false and unstable. Her charm, manner, and wonderful power in conversation brought to her side many who were first admirers and later sympathizers.

Read more about her fascinating life  on The Collective Biographies of Women


The world needs truth, and poetry helps to transmit it

Silvia Nieva

Valérie Maugeri

Le tarot dit de Charles VI

Le Tarot dit de Charles VI, dont dix-sept cartes sur soixante-dix-huit sont conservées, est l’un des rares témoignages des luxueux jeux princiers de la Renaissance italienne dont une vingtaine d’exemples subsistent. Son titre est en partie inexact, Charles VI (1368-1422) n’étant pas le destinataire de ces cartes, exécutées en Italie du Nord, postérieurement au règne de ce roi de France.
.... Les humanistes souhaitaient une compréhension immédiate de la connaissance et pensaient atteindre ce but par un langage visuel. L’art devenait alors l’un des supports du savoir. L’instruction était appréhendée comme une initiation personnelle à une vie supérieure, et ces jeux, où la tradition sacrée se mêlait à la culture profane et à la fiction, séduisaient les princes.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Auguste Pageot

 Auguste Pageot (1891-1917)
Designs for Jewellery, 1908-1917

*This notebook was on display in the case for new acquisitions in the Victoria & Albert museum in September 2011

About painting

The painter in his studio

Those sweet critics

"New School-Independant painting.
Independant from their will. Let's hope it is so  for their sake"

A very visionary illustrator critizes Impressionistic painters at the time of their first exhibitions.
Where on earth did I get this from???

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Open question

Do you dream  or do you live life fully awake?

which is an excuse to post this photo that I love


4 Mars 2012
Leonor Watling is the cover of El país semanal magazine

i love my mini-notebook

By Spanish illustrator lali blue

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