Sunday, 29 November 2009

Smile today

Have you been thinking of that perfect present lately? This beautiful vase will make the day of your loved ones. Some will be happier than others though.

This one's pretty cool too!

Ettore Sottsas designed the Shiva vase
Alessandro Bêda designed the Whale vase

Van Gogh's lost painting

The painter on the road to Tarascon, painted in 1988

Quote: Ismail Kadare

... I believe that I must return once more to the vision of the two worlds confronting each other in anticipation of victory: the real world or that of the Arts.

Of course, there exist many differences between them, but there is one of colossal dimensions that stands out above all the rest. And it is the following. While the real world, in its conflict with the Arts, becomes so extremely furious as to rush forward to destroy them, in no case whatsoever, I repeat, in no case whatsoever, do Literature and the Arts ever attack the real world with the intention of harming it, but in fact fight to make it more beautiful, more habitable.

This is the absolute difference between the two. And in this case, this difference constitutes no other than the most sublime confirmation of the true independence of the Arts.

from Ismail Kadare's speech at the Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony, 2009

Painting at Venice Biennale 2009

from EGYPT -------- aDel El sIwi

from BRAZIL --------dElson uChoa

from SPAIN -------- mIquel bArceló

and from AUSTRIA --------Elke Krystufek

Sunday, 15 November 2009

and once again, the magic of drawing

Drapery for seated figure
Leonardo Da Vinci, 1470
Louvre Museum

Interesting Japanese concept


=patience and endurance while waiting for better times

Monday, 2 November 2009

Quiz results

And the answer to October quiz is:

110-130 AC

From the exhibition Roman Imperial Painting
24 September 2009 - 17 January 2010
Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome
More info and photos

(So why was I told that the history of painting starts with Giotto? I want my money back)

It's a small world: ancient gold jewellery

I'm really curious about: Byzantine empresses

Irene of Athens

Maria of Alania

Maria of Antioch

Piroska of Hungary/ Irene

and Theodora

...or maybe just fascinated by their representation.