Sunday, 30 November 2008

Question without an answer III

Are high heels the new corset?

Shoes by Juan Antonio López

Flickr find: Kelly L Watson's ephemera album

I've really enjoyed browsing through Kelly L Watson's flickr photostream where she has a lovely album with paper ephemera

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Seen in a card

" It's never too late to have a happy childhood"

Representation of the Goddess in Minoan Crete

Deities were depicted in small figurines.

Clay seated female figure, 5800-4800 BC

Clay vase with representation of a goddess, 850-800 BC

The snake Goddesses (or priestesses), 1600 BC

I just love terracotta figurines

Dolls? Apparently they are "votive robes"

These people really enjoyed dancing

Female figurine, Agia Triada, 1450/1300 BC

Definitely a classic of entertainment

These are from a later period, III or II BC

All these are exhibits in Heraklion Archaelogical Museum.

More images can be found here and also in this website

Time traveller:Representation of women in Minoan frescoes

The dancing lady, Palace of Knossos, 1400/1350 BC

They call her "la Parisienne", (people do have imagination)

From Agia Triada Sarcophagus

Not my photo, but I had to post this here: The Blue Ladies

from the Palace of Knossos

Not my photo either, The seated goddess or priestess, from Pseira

Surf in USA?

No, bull leaping in Knossos, 1600/1500 BC

Postcard from Crete

Colours of Crete

Mosaic floor in early christian basilica, Hersonissos

Door detail

Turkish minaret, Chania

Shop window

Street in Chania

Peculiar entrance!

Shop front

Street in Chania

Colourful !

The Venetian harbour in Chania

Taking a walk


Detail in St. Titus Church, Heraklio



More than one month since I wrote the last post !

I guess I've been taking too many siestas...I am such an expert now.

This is definitely a

But now I'm absolutely looking forward to sending out a few postcards of beautiful Crete.