Sunday, 29 July 2012

about painting

by asuka ishii, in this wonderful B for Blue  Pinterest board by little G

Today I love

and always, figurative Picasso

Boy with a dog, 1905, Picasso
at the Hermitage Museum
and the image comes from garabatosdeaire

More patterns I like

by Lagom Design edited by Cruststation


pinterest is a gold mine

Summer (or winter) reading list, a suggestion

such funny funny funny bitterness

My contribution to Internet cute

Well, I'm just a cat you know, but I can model right the way Angelina does, even on the catwalk

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Happy birthday M. Mandela

When in doubt or while going through the harsh times, ask yourself "what would Mandela do?"
After realizing that due to your less than divine nature it is impossible to follow that course of action, ask yourself, even with resignation, just once again.
Happy birthday, M. Mandela.