Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ancient Greek painting

This is my find of the year. I found it by chance flipping through a book at a bookshop.
So it turns out that there are some examples of Ancient Greece painting on wood panels. The wood is covered in plaster and painted in several colours with mineral pigments: black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, purple and brown.

These are known ase the Pitsa Panels, and they were found near the town of Sycion in Greece. They have been dated c.540 - 530 BC.

This one shows a sacrifical scene connected to the cult of the nymphs:

Interesting lady: Zenobia

 apparently this bust, though found in Palmyra, is not really a representation of Zenobia, what a pity

Name: Zenobia
Full name in Roman: Julia Augusta Zenobia
Lived: III century
Occupation: Queen of Palmyra
Where's Palmyra: it was one of the main cities of the ancient Near East, nowadays it is in Syrian land.
Main achievement: She led a revolt against the Roman empire, whose armies wanted to conquer every territory they set foot on as usual.
Achievement nº 2: She led expeditions, expanded and ruled over the Palmyrene empire after the death of her husband in 267. This included the invasion of Egypt.
Date the dream is over: in 274, when she was defeated by the Roman emperor Aurelian and taken to Rome as prisoner.

To know more: wikiyouknowhat, and on the blog Zenobia, empress of the East

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

William Blake

Last days to see the William Blake exhibition at Caixa Forum, Madrid.
If you read something about his life you'll be amazed by his extraordinary character.

About me: a favourite verse

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Postcard from Madrid

 Sunday morning at La Cibeles square

Window shopping: pearls