Sunday, 21 October 2012

Interesting lady: Zenobia

 apparently this bust, though found in Palmyra, is not really a representation of Zenobia, what a pity

Name: Zenobia
Full name in Roman: Julia Augusta Zenobia
Lived: III century
Occupation: Queen of Palmyra
Where's Palmyra: it was one of the main cities of the ancient Near East, nowadays it is in Syrian land.
Main achievement: She led a revolt against the Roman empire, whose armies wanted to conquer every territory they set foot on as usual.
Achievement nº 2: She led expeditions, expanded and ruled over the Palmyrene empire after the death of her husband in 267. This included the invasion of Egypt.
Date the dream is over: in 274, when she was defeated by the Roman emperor Aurelian and taken to Rome as prisoner.

To know more: wikiyouknowhat, and on the blog Zenobia, empress of the East

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