Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gianni Rodari and Book Day

Excerpt from "The Grammar of Fantasy. An introduction to the art of inventing stories", by Gianni Rodari

What an unexpected find on Book Day,  M. Gianni Rodari.

Maybe this excerpt from the first chapter is a good explanation why I called this blog las palabras mágicas / the magical  words, (which is at any rate absolutely ridiculous, as this is a visual blog), probably  just because a different language will produce different waves.

There is so much debate out there these days about the  electronic versus paper version question: sociological, business, industry discussions that cannot hide the fact that we just can't do without the stories.


Friday, 19 April 2013

The pinterest brotherhood

Ling magazine

Ling is the onboard magazine of the Spanish airline Vueling. I love it and its website. You can travel all over Europe meeting people and places and all the articles are written both in English and Spanish. The photos, illustrations and edition are really great. (I'm not doing this to get free tickets or anything, although it would be a great idea come to think of it)
Bon voyage!

A Syrian artist

Tammam Azzam's version of The Kiss

Monday, 15 April 2013

Dear journal

A few weeks ago I attended a conference about equalilty of opportunities  for everyone to access to education

I hadn't ever felt such a subversive counterculture revolutionary

Monday, 8 April 2013

The magic of drawing

by Elisabeth Vigée LeBrun  (1755 - 1842)
A young lady draws the portrait of a young girl

On the news

Next 23 May , if you have some 2 - 2.8 million euros to spare,  you might become the happy owner of this painting by Sorolla: Niños en la playa (kids on the beach, what else) painted in 1916. It will be sold at an auction at Sotheby's in London. 
According to the website hoyesarte.com it will be on display for a while in Spain, New York and London before that date (it doesn't say when I'm afraid)
Oh, man, if you're going to buy it, please don't take it to one of those warehouses in Singapur!

from www.hoyesarte.com 

Smile today: Jordi Labanda

"Ill be delighted to take your orders when you're finished updating your Instagram"

7 April 2013

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Can't help it

I know, I should be crazy about video art and installations , but it turns out that I have recently discovered Danish ancient frescoes and I'm crazy about them instead. Oh dear.

About painting

William Merritt Chase, 1882,  The inner studio
via JSS gallery

An illustrator : Ana Juan

A Spanish illustrator that you probably know, and if not, you're going to love: Ana Juan. She was awarded the National Illustration Prize in Spain in 2010. Soo special.

An etching by Rembrandt

I love the no-pose intended, casual look. 
From the Legado Casa de Alba Exhibition, Madrid 

El Roto again

"Art" access  forbidden  to any aesthetic judgement

"What's most interesting about modern art is how modern it is"
"Oh, you know so much"

@ El País Newspaper, about Arco the contemporary art fair in  Madrid (13-17 february 2013)

Definitely the best version