Saturday, 23 July 2011

The 2011 Italian pavilion at the Arsenale

If you find yourself in Venice while the art biennale going on, you'll soon become familiar with these two terms: Arsenale and Giardini, the two main venues for exhibitions. The national pavilions are at the Giardini (gardens). The Arsenale is made up of the  buildings that used to be the fortified shipyards at those times when Venice was a large commercial power in the Mediterranean sea back in the XV /XVI centuries. It's a huge, historical, quiet and amazing place right by the canals!
This year the Italian pavilion at the Arsenale had a section showing a large number of paintings in all the styles you can possibly imagine. I would like to show you some of these. This is the work of Michaelangelo's heirs and grand grand grand... children.

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