Sunday, 1 June 2008

A pinch of magic with Miss Clara

I love the work and stationery featuring designer Miss Clara.
I hope you like it too.

Thanks to Sia from Siagrafica I found out that La Marelle en Papier editions have a beautiful website

I specially like their "Notebooks for crazy ideas"
She is also featured in this post at cruststation blog


  1. a mi lo que me gusta es tu whish list!!! no podia ser mas acertada :D
    Un beso!

  2. :) ,je je, es que ya, puestos a soñar...

  3. Wow, fabulous stationery. I feel like I want to run and buy some immediately.

    Angels be with you dear Elena.

    I'm still waiting to see some of your own art - besides photographs that is (:

  4. And I just noticed your wish list. Cute.

  5. Hello Wendy, I think they are incredibly cute and special. And thanks for your encouragement to be a bit less web-shy!

  6. you are doing great with your blog. I am always so happy to have a moment to visit.
    angels be with you,
    Wendy XO


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