Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring quiz

(It's not an art quiz this time)

What feature have you got in your computer, a feature that you have probably used at some point, and can be traced back to the invention of an important figure of the the Italian Renaissance, around the XV century?

I'll give you some time.



It's not the zeros, those are Arabic.


Clue number 1: I have it right in front of me right now because Blogspot uses it.


And the answer is...


A humanist called Niccolo de Niccoli, who was born and lived in Florence, was the first to use the cursive script in his copying of ancient manuscripts, a task he really rejoiced in, and this kind of handwriting became the origin of the Italics typeface in printing. Thank you sir, it's been quite useful for quite a few people through the centuries.

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