Sunday, 20 November 2011

The joy of cultural cooperation

What  great presents we can get from those people who believe and work for cultural cooperation. [I have recently discovered other interesting concepts: "cultural diplomacy", "spiritual convergence" and "clicktivism"...we'll have to look into those. It's not all android, cloud, and hedge funds you know]. I wish I   could go and see once more Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine (1489-1490), a painting that has left her home in Cracow and will spend some time in London for a while. This painting just glows and subdues with its solid splendor.


  1. Elena! Thank you sooooooooo much for all the goodies you sent me, they just arrived today. :) :) :) I love them, all! I love Madrid, so i'm really happy about the Madrid goodies... I especially love the Waterhouse bookmark. And I just adore the little purple notebook and the pressed flowers are awesome, too! :) :) :) it's like a little Christmas before Christmas. A big, big, nice surprise. :)

    Thanks, again!
    I hope, you are surrounded with magical words, too. :) :)

    love and hugs,

    (p.s.: I actually have been thinking about you a lot... many times as I opened my mailbox. :D... it just reminded me of you.)

  2. Hello Agnes,
    I wrote you an e-mail yesterday, but I wanted to tell you here as well that I'm really happy that you liked your well deserved prize.I really hoped that you would like everything. I've been thinking that I'd like to organize a giveaway some time or other, the first las-palabras-magicas giveaway ever, big event :), it is really fun to put everything together.
    So I hope to "see" you soon. Bye! and by the way, your blog looks fantastic, what great images!


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