Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Illustrated dictionary: Irony

At the Spanish pavilion, where the artist proposal is a single piece which "draws on the sociologist Erving Goffman's thesis on inadecuacy", that "underlines the violent fragility of everything we consider adecuate", a project that is "a form of dissidence, of escaping from the centre. The Inadecuate responds to the need not to meet expectations of not being what is expected of one"........

...where there is a big platform at the centre of the pavilion where you can read "L'inadeguato, lo inadecuado, the inadecuate" written in huge letters, we are invited to see and yet not to see the 4 little signs at the edges of the platform where you can read the following:

And so I say, is this a sort of experiment on social psychological where we are invited to step on the platform and dance like crazy or are the little signs for real...? 
Definitely art is not life.


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