Sunday, 13 February 2011

Impressionist Gardens

Some of the paintings included in the exhibition Impressionist Gardens at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid: by Charles Courtney Curran, Carl Larsson, Camille Pissarro, Emil Nolde, Fritz Schider, Monet, Van Gogh, Mary Cassat, Fantin-Latour, Frederick Carl Frieseke,Sorolla, Marie Bracquemond... awesome!


A link to the exhibition: here  and another one for the virtual tour



  1. :) Hiiiiii! :)
    hope you're doing okay!
    got your letter, thank you sooo much! :)
    i'm a helluva porcrastinator, too, that's why i didn't answer, i'm sorry about that.

    i'll come and visit more often. :)

    did you see this exhibition? i once was at the Thyssen-Bornemissza, and liked it a lot!


  2. Hello Agnes! I'm doing fine, I hope you're doing very well too. I did go and visit the exhibition a couple of weeks ago. It was really really awesome, I think everybody left the exhibition with a great feeling of delight and wonder. There were many other great artists apart from these: Klimt, Bazille, Sargent, Renoir...
    There are other very interesting exhibitions coming soon, I'll keep you posted.
    By the way , if you are still at the same address I have your prize ready to go on a trip to Hungary

  3. Hi again, Elena! (I did remember your name, only, for some reason I thought you didn't want it be desplayed in your blog. :P)

    Oh, I'm happy you did see it... I must have been really magical.

    Haha... I still have the same address. :) I can hardly wait... But if you don't manage to send my "prize", it's still no problem, don't worry... I know how that is...

    Whishing you all of the best!

    p.s. Thanks for visiting! I'm very glad you liked the Gruaus... I'm very much into fashion illustration, too... and I hope I'll parctice it to some extent in this lifetime...


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