Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer quiz.

Hey, you're lying too peacefully on the beach. I've given you a break of three months (this is a slow blog, remember) So here's some work to do:

I know, he's not very polite, showing us his nose like this, but who came up with this funny character?

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  1. Hi there, you're Pompeii photos are incredible! I hope I'll get there sometime in my life, too.
    I'm glad I won April's quiz. :) :) :)
    I got one guess for this one, but I'm not sure yet... I'll keep searching. :)
    Thank you so much for your mail!!! :) I'll answer very soon. (I'm a very bad procrastinator, but I promise I'll answer sooner than you might think.)
    So, take care!
    :) :)
    All the best to you,



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