Thursday, 1 April 2010

Results to March's quiz


Something really unexpected has happened. One person has actually sent a response to last month's quiz and she got it right. It is Raffael's Lady with a unicorn who is wearing the gorgeous pendant.
Agnes Szucs is a graphic design student from Hungary (not Bulgary) and her blogs Szucs and iiiinspired look really cool. Thank you Agnes for your comment. You'll soon be receiving at your home the very famous "Las palabras mágicas award for the first person who takes part in the quiz", I really hope you will love this little surprise .

(oh my, what a milestone for this blog)


  1. So, hello!!!
    Uhmm, actually, it's Hungary. But no problem.
    I'm really glad you like my blogs. :)
    And I'm glad I could contribute to this milestone in the life of your blog. :)
    Well-o-well, I'm actually not expecting a prize, but if you send me one, I would appreciate it, of course.
    What if I say I managed to find the answer to April's quiz as well? :P
    Btw, I like your recent posts, especially the one on that Holi Festival.

    So, my address, just in case:

    Akacfa Str. 9/B I./4
    H-1072 Budapest

    Take care!!!

  2. Hello!! oh, no, sorry for that, you are from Hungary, HUN-GA-RY.
    Thanks for the address, I would definitely like to send you a little surprise to thank you for being the first person taking part in the quiz. I already have something in mind, but it'll have to remain a mystery for the moment. Just till it's on the post.
    And, ok, if you insist.. I'll add some gorgeous stickers I have in mind for getting April's quiz right. The Holi festival is amazing, isn't it?
    Have a nice and creative week!


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