Sunday, 18 October 2009

Worshiping women

I hope you're enjoying this journey through the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. These photos belong to an exhibition that is now being held in The National Archaelogical Museum. It only lasts till 30 November: Worshiping Women, Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens

Link to more photos and descriptions here
Link to the website of the National Archaelogical Museum in Athens showing photos of lots of the exhibits there. I love it!

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  1. Such a surprise I got dear beautiful Elena to find you have been posting so regularly here. You always find such lovely, interesting art and words to share with us.

    How are you doing dear lovely one? I am plodding along my path, hopefully standing more tall. I find many of my friends struggling at this time. And so much more reassurance to see you here.

    Still watching for your own art. I think you said something about a painting class?

    Angels be with you dear.



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