Sunday, 13 September 2009

Interesting book, I think

A book about collaborative creativity, shared intelligence and the co-operative ethic as allowed by the latest development of IT technologies.

As the back cover reads : " You are what you share, that is the ethic of the world being created by YouTube and MySpace, Wikipedia and Facebook. We-Think is a rallying call for the shared powe of the web to make society more open and egalitarian. We-Think reports on an unparelleled wave of collaborative creativity as people from California to China devise ways to work together that are more democratic, productive and creative."

In fact the author put drafts of the book online for others to comment and the final result has been shaped by many contributions all over the world.

I'm fascinated by the chapter where the author links the development of tools that are now widely used for online collaboration to ideas of the 1960s counterculture, like participation, decentralization...
Interesting in any case!

More about the book here, and you can get to the author's website here.

I also love the illustrations by Debbie Powell.

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