Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Prado report: Joaquín Sorolla 1863-1923

From May 26 until September 6 the Prado museum in Madrid will be showing an exhibition of works by Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923). During that time the dark rooms of the museum will be filled with the light, water and colour of the Mediterranean, with the inmense mastery of his craft and with the taste of salt that the waves will leave in the mouths of visitors. I don't know how well known Sorolla is outside his country, so here's some samples of his work.

Catalogue of the exhibition

And they say fish is expensive!, 1894

Return from fishing, 1894

Sewing the sail, 1896

Female nude, 1902

Afternoon sun, 1903

The white boat, 1905

The horse's bath, 1909

Antonio García on the Beach, 1909

The pink robe, 1916

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    And thank you for sharing images of Sorolla's art work - there is very little information about him over the net, being a great admirer of his work, am glad to get a little more info about him from your blog.


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