Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Sorry for blackberries, iphones, itouch... and all sorts of devices for XXI century time management but nothing compares to the Pascualina diary.

The diaries are beatifully illustrated by Paulina Mönckeberg. The design of their website is delightful as well, but I think it is just in Spanish :

You know, I love art not just because artists create work for everyone else to enjoy, whatever the message conveyed, but because while artists are creating they are focusing on communicating, giving shape to their spirit and building something instead of destroying the environment that surrounds them. I've often read the affirmation that all good art is political.
I'd like to quote the Spanish writer Almudena Grandes when she mentioned a few days ago in El País newspaper a thought expressed by Antonio Gramsci: Against the pessimism of reason, the optimism of will.
So here it is, in this first post of the year, my humble act of resistance.

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  1. this looks so beautiful. I will take more time to visit here in the next weeks.
    thank you for sharing all the beauty.

    thank you for all the good energy sent my way.

    my thoughts and prayers are with you,
    angels be with you,
    Wendy xo


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