Sunday, 5 October 2008

Fatema Mernissi

I'm reading and loving this book by Moroccan sociologist Fatema Mernissi:

It's a book about the crossing of borders at many different levels, but also about a very special grandmother, about her sufi heritage, about intelligence, about story tellers whatever the medium used, about curious translations, about a woman's intellectual curiosity.

I've learnt that the fabric muslin is named after the Iraqi town of Mosul, where it used to be manufactured, and also discovered the concepts of majliss, lawami, samar...whole new worlds to explore.
I once heard her say that when you travel and show yourself in front of strangers you unveil your self, you get to know who you are. I'm looking forward to reading another of her books "Dreams of Trespass: Tales of a Haren girlhood"

This might be the right moment for you to listen to some music by Omar Faruk Tekbilek, the Turkish musician. But beware because "I love you" and "Moment of doubt" can make funny things to your heart.

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