Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Good bye M.Saint Laurent

Homage to Matisse, 1980

Homage to Pop Art,1966

Wedding gown, homage to Georges Braque

Spring-summer 1988

Long evening gown, tribute to Tom Wesselmann
Autumn-Winter 1966

Short Bambara evening dress
Spring-summer 1967

Cocktail dress, homage to Piet Mondrian
Autumn-Winter 1965

Designer:Yves Saint Laurent
Photographer: Alexandre Guirkinger

"Art has an important place in my life and my work. I have been inspired by many painters and have always believed that art is not only a part of culture but also a part of life, that it should be shown to everybody and that museums should be supported and encouraged. Museums play a social role and have the task of educating the public, even if sometimes they are a source of shock and confusion. Thus a permanent dialogue is established between art and those who admire it. A museum is a living place. So is creation, even that of deceased or unknown artists"
Yves Saint Laurent

Extract from the visitor's guide to the exhibition "Yves Saint Laurent. Diálogo con el arte" organized by the Pierre Bergé- Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and the Caixa Galicia Foundation in A Coruña between 12 February and 04 May 2008.

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