Sunday, 27 April 2008

Favourite film

Not so long ago I went to the cinema to watch Caramel. The atmosphere of this film is that of Almodóvar meets Middle East. When the film was finished something happened that hadn't happened to me in quite a while. I remained stuck to the chair and just didn't want to leave. I would have liked to remain forever in that ochre and honey coloured world. A world where there are problems and worries and troubles but also friendship and laughter and delight in beauty.
It is a Lebanese film directed by Nadine Labaki, who also plays Layale.

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  1. Ah, delight in beauty - what a wonderful ochre and honey coloured world.

    The images you show are gorgeous. They make me feel warm and cozy (:

    Angels be with you dear.
    Wendy XO


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